Mini Tutorial

I want to start off by narrating my experience in this field. I have started being a kpop fan when I was 12 years old (I’m 16 now), Girls Generation’s I Got A Boy Era. Since then I was interested in kpop and hallyu just pulls me closer – from their language to their culture.

Now let us not beat around the bush. My point, really, is since we have already learned many languages beforehand (e.g. English, Spanish, etc.), the best thing I can suggest is if we start off by reading first.

Well, we can’t really start reading right now. Take a child (without prior knowledge in reading and writing) for example, show him/her a word, do you expect him/her to read it? If your answer is no, you’re smart. I like you.

So what do you teach a beginner for him/her to read? The alphabet, of course! Here, I will provide you the romanized versions of the Hangul Alphabet.

ㅂ –  b

ㅈ – j

ㄷ – d

ㄱ – k

ㅅ – s

ㅛ – yo

ㅕ – yeo

ㅑ- ya


ㅔ- e

ㅁ – m

ㄴ – n

ㄹ – r/l

ㅎ – h

ㅗ – o

ㅓ – eo

ㅏ – a

ㅣ – i

ㅋ – g

ㅌ – t

ㅊ – ch

ㅍ – p

ㅠ – yu

ㅜ- u

ㅡ – eu

It ends here.

Please take note that this is more complicated than it looks. However on my next tutorial, I will include examples. For now, I suggest you familiarize yourself with these alphabets.

My next posts will be all about kpop groups I stan and their profiles.



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