III. f(x)

f(x) is a South Korean Girl Group that was formed by SM Entertainment on 2009. f(x) has been recognized for their experimental style and eclectic, electropop-based sound. They are one of the few recognized kpop groups internationally becoming the first K-pop act to perform at SXSW. Their acclaimed second album, Pink Tape, was the only K-pop album on US music channel Fuse’s ’41 Best Albums of 2013′. (Wikipedia)

Where do I begin? f(x)… f(x)? I have a lot of memories for this group and thinking about it makes me emotional (sorry for the drama).

Well, SNSD has introduced me to kpop, but f(x) is the reason why I have stayed.

f(x) is the first ever group I have stan-ed too much! Until now, I can feel the overwhelming feeling of listening to them and watching them perform. I have never stopped loving them.

It broke my heart seeing one of them leave – Sulli. Sulli was my first bias in f(x) (still, I love them all). However, I have accepted it. As long as they have stayed as friends, I am fine. Feelssssss.

Check out the members’ profiles!






Stage name: Victoria

English Name: Victoria Song

Birth Name: Song Qian

Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist

Nationality: Chinese

Birthday: February 2, 1987

Instagram: @victoria02_02



Stage Name: Amber

Birth Name: Amber Josephine Liu

Position: Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist

Nationality: Taiwanese/American

Birthday: September 18, 1992

Instagram: @ajol_llama

Twitter: @llama_ajol



Stage Name: Luna

Birth Name: Park Sun Young

Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Nationality: Korean

Birthday: August 12, 1993

Zodiac sign: Leo

Instagram: @hermosavidaluna


Stage Name: Krystal

English Name: Krystal Jung

Korean Name: Jung Soo Jung

Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual/Face of the Group, Maknae

Nationality: Korean/American

Birthday: October 24, 1994

Instagram: @vousmevoyez

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