V. Red Velvet

Red Velvet  is a South Korean girl group formed by S.M. Entertainment. The group debuted on August 1, 2014, with their digital single “Happiness” and with four members: Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy. In March 2015, fifth member Yeri was added to the group. (Wikipedia)

Upon hearing that SM was releasing another girl group next to f(x), I was shocked and at the same time, very excited. I was very fond of SM Artists, actually – an SMBaby. To think that their name, Red Velvet, was also super interesting for me. Especially when they have released teaser photos for this group I was like, “OMG they all look alike why”. However, I have grown to get familiar with their faces and besides, SM thought of a vey interesting concept to help fans remember their faces. SM assigned a color to each of the members and the members have died the ends of their hair with that color.

Green – Joy; Pink – Irene; Orange – Seulgi; Blue – Wendy

As Wikipedia said, Yeri has joined the group only later – it shocked me but I have also found her charms interesting.

They are a group with striking visuals and great vocals. Check out the members’ profiles below! Photo credits to the owners.


Stage Name: Irene (아이린)

Birth Name: Bae Ju Hyun

Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual

Birthday: March 29, 1991


Stage Name: Seulgi (강슬기)

Birth Name: Kang Seul Gi

Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer, Face of the Group

Birthday: February 10, 1994


Stage Name: Wendy (웬디)

English Name: Wendy Son

Korean Name: Son Seung Wan

Position: Main Vocalist

Birthday: February 21, 1994


Stage Name: Joy (조이)

Birth Name: Park Soo Young

Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Vocalist

Birthday: September 3, 1996


Stage Name: Yeri (예리)

Birth Name: Kim Ye Rim

Position: Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae

Birthday: March 5, 1999

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