Basic Terminologies

So, I may have used korean words. However I only used basic ones in this blog. I will give you a breakdown of what I think are basic korean terms when you’re a fangirl.

Here it is.
Nae (내) – Yes

Ani (아니) – Ani

Annyeong (안녕) – Hi/Hello/Bye
Bbyong (뼝) – Poof/Bye

Sunbae (선배) – Senior

Hoobae (후배) – Junior

Namja (남자) – Man

Yeoja (여자) – Woman

Jinjja (진짜) – Really

Wae (왜) – Why

Jamkkan (잠깐) – Just a Moment

Aegyo (애교) – Cuteness

Wae Geurae (왜 그래) – What’s the matter

Omo (어머) – OMG

Daebak (대박) – Unbelievable

Kkochminam (꽃미남) – Flower Boy

Yeoshin (여신) – Goddess

Sigan (시간) – Time
For now, I can’t think of anything but this. I will update this post time by time.


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