Kpop for Hoobae Fans

I might just be your Goblin.

New to Kpop? Do not falter! Kryssle is here to the rescue. I shall give and teach you the basics on being a kpop fan. For formality, I will list my objectives.

  • To demonstrate how to read and write Hangul
  • To show you the Sunbae Idol Groups as well as the Hoobae Idol Groups
  • To list must-watch korean dramas

Enjoy browsing my site! Please bear with me because we are all beginners here. Lol. You are beginning in your journey as a kpop fan, while I am beginning in my quest to manage a website.

Please read my Mini Tutorial here.

Know about the Basic Terminologies I often use here.

Start journeying at the world of girl kpop idol groups here.

Ja, bbyong!